We encourage those who seek volunteering work to become an active member of SAHFA. This is necessary to make SAHFA strong and so enable us to also accept other demands for JamboMama! elsewhere, and to allow us to propose follow-up apps for baby and child care and education (including vaccination […]

We’re hiring! Become a volunteer for JamboMama!

Marcel Vos, the treasurer and Laetitia, the president of SAHFA, went to Tanzania in June to meet with the medical department of the Tanzanian Episcopal Conference (TEC). They also paid a visit to the Ministry of Health as TEC and SAHFA, together, ready to introduce JamboMama! in a niche type […]

News from Tanzania

Dear friends, In the name of the SAHFA steering committee and the JamboMama! project team, but even more so in the name of women surviving their pregnancies and children keeping their mothers, I wish to thank you wholeheartedly for your generous support to help us start our pilot project in […]

Crowdfunding campaign for JamboMama! completed: a great success!

The members of the hospital team that will be testing the application, the Biharamulo District Hospital in Tanzania, have sent us an e-mail telling us, in their own words, what JamboMama! means to them and why they need it: 1. The distance between hospital/health facility and pregnant mothers is long, this makes pregnant mothers delay regular attendances […]

‘JamboMama! is a maternity waiting home on a mobile phone’ ...

A birth plan for an expectant mother in the west entails planning for things like: ‘Which comfort level do I need, and what can I afford? What type of birth do I wish? Lying down, sitting, crouching? In a bathtub perhaps? With or without music? What music do I want? […]

A good birthplan is a rural pregnant woman’s best friend

One of the reasons we want to develop and disseminate the JamboMama! app is that it improves the communication between the healthworkers and the pregnant women. In other words, we want to bring together the demand side and the supply side. Why is the communication poor? Because many women don’t really […]

JamboMama! : improving communication between mothers and health workers

JamboMama! Habari za mimba?   Hello, I am Laetitia, I am a cultural anthropologist by training and I have lived and worked in Africa and Asia for several decades.  Congo Newly married, my husband Jiddo and I went to Congo (DRC) where we volunteered as teachers of English at a […]

How JamboMama! was born – read the story

We are happy to announce we now have three medical services who requested to be included in the pilot testing of the JamboMama! app : a district hopital in Tanzania; a medical NGO in Somalia; a maternity hospital with nursing and midwifery school in Somaliland. This means three different packages […]

Three medical services to take part in JamboMama! pilot

A mobile communication tool such as the JamboMama! app can only work if the quality and volume of care keeps pace with the increased demand. That is why we want to know as much as possible about other initiatives to make pregnancy and childbirth safer, so that good low-cost inventions […]

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We a happy to announce we have a new opportunity to earn funds for Smart Access to Health for All. We have just signed up to the Booking.com Community Program. The Community Program is a new program where Booking.com is working together with community groups and associations around the world to help them gain […]

Help us raise funds: book a hotel via Booking.com

  We have entered into a partnership with a Tanzanian women’s rights organisation, WOWAP – ‘Women Wake uP!’. WOWAP is a Tanzanian non-governmental organisation to promote women’s social, political and economic rights rights. It also helps raise awareness against all forms of gender based violence, including Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), […]

SAHFA partners with Tanzanian women’s rights NGO

You have seen your SAHFA president on one, and that looks fun, but the piki piki, or motor taxi, is also how women with obstructed labour are transported to the hospital in the rural areas. Such transport for a highly pregnant woman often becomes fatal, especially if labour has already started, or, […]

The Piki Piki, or motor taxi: risky business