We must raise the amount of 32.000 Euros to cover the costs of introducing the JamboMama! application in Bunda district, based on the budget prepared by the project holder, the health department of the diocese of Bunda, in consultation with the District Medical office. The applicant has explained they first […]

JamboMama! in Bunda: costs

We are happy to announce that the diocese of Bunda, in West Tanzania, is getting ready as we speak to start using the JamboMama! app in their hospital at Kibara as part of a district medical office driven programme to reduce maternal mortality: ‘Safe motherhood for Bunda women’. The first challenge […]

JamboMama! starts in Bunda

At present we aim at increasing our membership to become a strong and lively association. Your participation, through your network connections, your ideas and knowledge, feeds the progress of our programme to make it stronger, more sustainable. It is a guarantee of its success. For 25 euros you are a member for […]

Support us, become a member

We are happy to introduce our intern, Coline Garcia, who will be joining SAHFA president Laetitia van Haren and vice-president Jiddo van Drunen on their upcoming trip to Tanzania. In her own words: ‘The JamboMama! project caught my attention for multiple reasons. New technologies and how they are being used, […]

Meet our intern: Coline Garcia

Thanks to a new partnership with a French couple of doctors, we shall have a testing site for the JamboMama! app at a new hospital in Liberia, in Foya, a district on the border with Guinea Conakry and Sierra Leone. We hope to start there in September or October. In […]

Growing interest in JamboMama!

As if the women in Tanzania had heard us, just after the GA, we received several requests to be allowed to join SAHFA and promote the spread of JamboMama! We are now forming a JamboMama! committee of Tanzanian women of three generations to promote the app and help us adjust […]

Women in Tanzania promoting JamboMama!

Mr Jovin Riziki, the director ad-interim of the health department of the Tanzanian Episcopal Conference (TEC) has notified us that TEC formally approves the JamboMama! project. It’s great new! It also means a big challenge for SAHFA to provide the funds and technical support needed to introduce the app in […]

TEC approves JamboMama! project

We held our first general assembly at SAHFA headquarters on December 10th 2017. It was a small gathering with only the boldest, living nearby, able to brave the icy cold and slippery roads and we thank them for that. Even Skype participation proved difficult because of stormy weather all over […]

SAHFA’s first GA: small but fruitful

We are advancing in our dialogue with the medical department of the Tanzanian Episcopal Conference regarding a first introduction in Bunda district, through the St Mary Kibara hospital’s maternity and obstetrics services. We are now also in dialogue with the medical district officer of Musoma district in Tanzania, a district […]

Prospective end-user community partnerships

The first version of the JamboMama! app, which is strictly speaking a platform with two interactive apps, is now ready to be tried out and adapted to end-user communities’ experience. We are very grateful to our technical developer Moventes to have carried us to this point. It was a huge […]

JamboMama! – technical developments

We encourage those who seek volunteering work to become an active member of SAHFA. This is necessary to make SAHFA strong and so enable us to also accept other demands for JamboMama! elsewhere, and to allow us to propose follow-up apps for baby and child care and education (including vaccination […]

We’re hiring! Become a volunteer for JamboMama!

Marcel Vos, the treasurer and Laetitia, the president of SAHFA, went to Tanzania in June to meet with the medical department of the Tanzanian Episcopal Conference (TEC). They also paid a visit to the Ministry of Health as TEC and SAHFA, together, ready to introduce JamboMama! in a niche type […]

News from Tanzania

  Dear friends, In the name of the SAHFA steering committee and the JamboMama! project team, but even more so in the name of women surviving their pregnancies and children keeping their mothers, I wish to thank you wholeheartedly for your generous support to help us start our pilot project […]

Successful crowdfunding campaign for JamboMama!

The members of the hospital team that will be testing the application, the Biharamulo District Hospital in Tanzania, have sent us an e-mail telling us, in their own words, what JamboMama! means to them and why they need it: 1. The distance between hospital/health facility and pregnant mothers is long, this makes pregnant mothers delay regular attendances […]

‘JamboMama! is a maternity waiting home on a mobile phone’

A birth plan for an expectant mother in the west entails planning for things like: ‘Which comfort level do I need, and what can I afford? What type of birth do I wish? Lying down, sitting, crouching? In a bathtub perhaps? With or without music? What music do I want? […]

A good birthplan is a rural pregnant woman’s best friend