SAHFA delegation travelling to Tanzania in June for JamboMama! project

The crowdfunding campaign has ended, the target was reached, but SAHFA’s project JamboMama! still needs your help! We are very grateful for the fantastic support. SAHFA’s president Laetitia van Haren and treasurer Marcel Vos are going to Tanzania in the last week of June to meet Tanzanian public health authorities and the private health sector, such as the Tanzanian Episcopal Conference health department. The purpose is to obtain formal approval for the trial and discuss with the local partners what strategy to adopt now and which time lines we can reasonably agree on for the project implementation plan.

As we reached the target we can now buy the smartphones and air bundles to carry out the activities we budgeted for when we gave you our crowdfunding target. But this doesn’t mean JamboMama! is now fully funded. We need to send two volunteers to the pilot sites who wil assist the end users to decide on customised content, then train the user groups to use the app successfully. Health workers need to get used to integrate JamboMama! in their planning, coordination and communication with the pregnant women, and women must be actively encouraged to fully integrate JamboMama! in the management of their health during pregnancy, acquiring health literacy on the way. Training the end users in the app’s interactive use in a careful and culturally sensitive manner defines the sustainability of JamboMama! as a mobile communication, information and coordination tool for better pregnancy monitoring.

One volunteer will be medically trained whereas the other will be trained as a digital engineer. A volunteer costs about 800 Euros a month (food, lodging, insurance, monthly allowance, international and local travel). They should stay at least 6 months. These costs are shared between SAHFA and the local partner (i.e. the health department of the Tanzanian Episcopal Conference). So total costs for two volunteers comes to 9600 Euro, of which 6000 are borne by SAHFA. To this we must add their training by the software company in the app and their travel to the the office of the software company. (600 per volunteer, 1200 in total). So many of you told us we could appeal to them again if needed and we are very grateful for that. Your contributions will be put to immediate use!

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