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You are probably aware that SAHFA runs entirely on the generosity of its members and supporters, including its founding members. It is the SAHFA (founding) members and supporters who provide the means to realise first the customisation of our application JamboMama! to the different regional needs, then to help the mother and child care services that want to launch the application in their maternal and newborn care system. Digital skills should be acquired by the rural population with empowering mobile applications that improve their health and wellbeing.

Instructing the most forgotten women with relevant health literacy, teaching them basic digital literacy, giving them an information, education and coordination tool that makes it possible to have safer, better spaced, happier pregnancies with better outcomes for mother and child; this comprehensive set of objectives makes SAHFA an associative movement with a concept and tools which are truly modern, crafted to suit a plethora of the Sustainable Development Goals. First of all SDG 3 (health and well-being for all) and SDG 5 (gender equality) but also SDG 9 (access to innovation) and 10 (reduced inequality, eg. between urban and rural) and 17 (creating partnerships to achieve these goals).

We can and want to achieve this, but we have to be honest, our financial situation is tight, it depends on too small a number of donors, though they are generous. Our objective has been and still is to achieve the funding of our pilot project in Bunda pilot before the end of this year, but that requires a rapid financial mobilisation of a much larger number of contributors. The more numerous we are, the more solid the financial base of our activities, and therefore the chance of a successful break-through of our application JamboMama!. A break-through not slowed down by money worries that create feelings of resentment and deception among the pioneer stake holders in the field. If 1000 individual members contribute each 25 Euro annually we are on safe ground, we’ll have a revolving fund that allows us to keep going. Will you join us?

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Use the form on HelloAsso, or make a direct transfer to our bank account: 
SAHFA A.S.B.L.: FR76 1680 7000 5432 5849 8921907  
Swift/bank identifier code: CCBPFRPPGRE 
Without you, without your support, this new world won’t be possible. Thank you.

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