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  • The test version of the version for women is almost ready to be filled with local info. We will soon start working on the test version for the healthcare workers.
  • The collection of solid socio-economic data, including distances, transport needs etc. to fill the app with, has to be organized now. That means interesting and challenging fieldwork to practice baseline data collection in rural Tanzania or elsewhere.
  • Luckily, we have now three medical services who requested to be included in the pilot testing: a district hopital in Tanzania; a medical NGO in Somalia, and a maternity hospital with nursing and midwifery school in Somaliland.
  • This means three different packages will have to be developed, more or less simultaneously, since the info about health services and transport etc. will be different for each medical service community. However, there will also be a lot of similarities. Moreover, our design is meant to make it possible to deal with different factual information per region without great additional technical work or cost.
  • When the app is filled with the right info for a given region we have to test its use and its impact on maternal mortality. We need to compare maternal mortality in villages connected compared to villages not connected.
  • We want to involve both Tanzanian and international Master and PhD Students in public health, mother and child health, development and change, communication and the like will get involved in this fieldwork based research.

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