JamboMama! project management and development

  • Laetitia van Haren: inventor and coordinator
  • Marcel Vos: budget adviser
  • Kala Madhav: ICT adviser
  • Coline Garcia: communications support, field mission support, fundraising support
  • JamboMama! team in Bunda district (Secretary Diocesan Medical Office, Secretary District Medical Office; Reproductive, maternal and newborn care staff Kibara hospital)
  • JamboMama! team in Biharamulo district (ICT manager and Reproductive, maternal and newborn care staff Biharamulo hospital)

Professional services

  • Ghislaine van Drunen: communications
  • Moventes: construction of beta version of platform with two applications
  • For customisation and updates: contract with software firm when user groups have provided proper feedback
  • Juliette Schack: graphic design (logos, avatars)
  • Michiel van Haren: graphic design advice and support

Senior Advisers

  • Dr Bomby Kabongo: gynaecologist/obstetrics, public health adviser (from Congo-Kinshasa, living in South Africa)
  • Prof-emeritus Dr Jos van Roosmalen, gynaecologist/obstetrician who lived and worked for seven years in Tanzania (based in The Netherlands)
  • Prof. dr Jelle Stekelenburg, gynaecologist/obstetrician who worked in Tanzania
  • Mrs. Holly Freitas: community health promotion, midwifery: 17 years experience in Tanzania (based in the US)
  • Mr Didier Guzzoni, ICT expert

Advisers living in Tanzania

  • Dr Moke Magoma: gynaecologist/obstetrician
  • Dr Gresmus Ssebuyoya: medical doctor in chief at Biharamulo hospital
  • Mr Ali Mayalla: ICT adviser
  • Mrs Fatma Abdoullah Toufick: parlementarian, president WOWAP, Women Wake Up, a Tanzanian NGO to combat harmful practices and help women and girls stand up for their rights.

Young Ambassadors for JamboMama! in Tanzania

  • Mrs Lucy Ikamba
  • Mrs Jane Ikamba
  • Ms Lucie Shigumha
  • Ms Gladness Wanda

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