SAHFA and the JamboMama! team do not stand alone in their wish and aim to reduce health risks for pregnant women in isolated communities and improve pregnancy outcomes for both mothers and infants. On this page, you can find links to organisations working towards the same goal in some way or another.


  • WHO | Maternal Health Programme

‘Equitable access to quality, integrated health services for mothers, newborns, children and adolescents is critical for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). While in past years significant progress has been made in reducing maternal and child deaths, the overall decrease in mortality is not fast enough to reach, by 2015, MDG 4 (reducing child mortality) and MDG 5 (improving maternal health) in all countries. The Department was established in 2011 to address the key challenges, take the lead in WHO’s targeted efforts to improve the health of these population groups and support countries to achieve these MDGs.’

Read more about WHO’s work in this area.


  • Global Health Media Project

‘Our mission is to improve health care and health outcomes in resource-poor areas by developing videos that “bring to life” basic health care information known to save lives. We chose newborn care as our first initiative to help address the crisis of high rates of newborn mortality in developing countries. Almost three million newborns die every year. Most can be saved with low-cost, low-tech interventions. This series features more than 30 videos that bring to life newborn care guidelines in a memorable and engaging way. The series covers newborn skills, newborn problems, and special care (including referrals and home visits).’

Watch and share the Newborn video’s.


  • Sacramenta Bicycle Ambulances

‘In Malawi the average distance to health centres in rural areas is 13 km. Pregnant women and patients have problems reaching the health centres because there is no transport. They often have to walk, which is a big health risk. For these situations Sakaramenta has built the CareCar Bicycle Ambulance. Over 1200 CareCars are used in Malawi, mainly by hospitals and NGO’s who have HIV-Aids or Save Motherhood programmes. The unique design guarantees a strong and durable bicycle ambulance of excellent quality.’

> Check out this unique form of transportation.


  • The Lancet

‘Each year, about 210 million women become pregnant and about 140 million newborn babies are delivered. The sheer scale of maternal health issues makes maternal well being and survival vital concerns. A decade after The Lancet published a Series on maternal survival, a new Series of six papers brings our knowledge of maternal health, its epidemiology, successes, and current failings together, and at a crucial time within the sustainable development framework to 2030. The Series concludes with a call to action setting out five key targets which need to be met to ensure the progression of broader sustainable development goals (SDGs).’

> Read The Series