JamboMama! app developments

We are reaching the finish line for the developments of JamboMama! with Dure Technologies to include learnings from the first pilot. We also work together to make the app’s technical sustainability Tanzanian: Dure Technologies will be training our in-country administrator, a Tanzanian programmer. 

He will take care of what changes in content may be called for and further develop the app: from correction or completion of factual information to medical/lifestyle advice and info. The protocol of pregnancy management evolves constantly. Through our app it can be made directly accessible even in remote, rural settings.

Our Tanzanian programmer is already fully versant with the app, having studied both the first and the second version, so the transition to Africanisation of the ongoing development, care and maintenance of the JamboMama! digital platform should be smooth and sustainable, and that is really one of the most important goals for this year.

The pandemic still prevents travel to Tanzania. Inoculation will solve that problem. Until then, patience is the only virtue to cope with it. We continue working from a distance only. Though connection with India and Tanzania is not always perfect, we manage and we can prepare more thoroughly so that, once travel restrictions are lifted, the time in the field can be truly effective.

Mission in Congo

Subjected to vaccination, a mission to Kwilu in RD Congo is under preparation, to visit SAHFA-Congo’s project and see what can be done to prepare the ground for the introduction of the JamboMama! app.

Assess the quality of obstetrical and perinatal care service to which the app would connect the users; the availability and spread of smartphones, of power to charge them; the training needs of both rural maternal care staff, the mothers, their communities and community health workers. Assess if traditional birth attendants could (and are willing to) be retrained as village pregnancy mentors, with the JamboMama! app as a tool. Instead of doing home births they would guide the moms to a facility-based birth.

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