Denibam Foundation funds second pilot in Tanzania

The first pilot in Bunda had shown us that the concept of JamboMama! is understood and appreciated. It is in demand. Today SAHFA has a small, dedicated and capable Tanzanian technical development team. An IT business developer focused on medico-social communication technology; a Tanzanian programmer who took our application to a higher level of functionalities and ease of use; a senior midwife with long experience in the promotion of rural maternal health as well as in the management of HIV/AIDS. The Tanzanian team coordinates continued development on African soil, not just in Tanzania.

We have recently received a 10,000 Euro donation from the Denibam Foundation. It is their second big contribution to our work and comes spot-on to finance our second pilot in Tanzania, again in the Mwanza region, this time in Sumve district. In 2021 SAHFA paid for the training of a nurse-midwife who previously worked with JamboMama! in Bunda. When he lost his father, he had to drop out from nursing college and earn a living. He finishes nursing college in 2022 and will take on the introduction of JamboMama! in the maternity ward of Sumve hospital and also as a training tool at the nursing-midwifery college linked to this hospital.

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