Tanzania mission December 2022: La Vie Dispensary

In one of the dispensaries we visited on our last mission to Tanzania, in december 2022, La Vie, introduction of the JamboMama! app had started in earnest in September 2022 (between May and September they had practiced with a test version). The doctor doing reproductive health clinics had 58 pregnant patients on his JamboMama! account and he found it very convenient. 

The reception and waiting area for the mother and child clinic had been renovated with SAHFA support and looked nice and inviting. Flowers and Plants will be added to make it even more welcoming. It also has a water filter so that women can fill their little bottle with clean water after walking all the way to the antenatal clinic. All these improvements help to create a climate of trust and respect. 

The communication tool JamboMama! should connect the mothers to clean, competent and respectful care. The renovation of the reception area was part of that. La Vie will now go into the next phase, training the community health workers in use of the JamboMama! version for them. The integration of JamboMama! in the La Vie’s maternal care services is coordinated by SAHFA team member Sophia, who also assists our National Representative with admin tasks. She showed us round and was fully available to explain her work and the progress made at La Vie.

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