All I want for Christmas… is funding

Our funds are at an absolute low. We hope that many of you renew their memberships as a Christmas present to the women and girls of rural Tanzania, Congo and elsewhere. If 500 of the 1000 people we write today take or renew their membership (25 euro pp, 50 for a family, 75 for a small NGO) and if 100 add a gift of 50-100, we would have 25.000- 35.000. That would enable us to follow up on the ongoing initiatives, and give us time to find complementary funds.
Think of the women we reach out to and how safe motherhood will be a huge Christmas present. Safer also means gradually more planned, better spaced, started later, stopped earlier. It not only saves the lives of the women and their children, but it also prevents thousands of children to lose their mother at the birth of a sibling. Sad for every child, but dramatic in conditions of poverty and want. Many a man we met on our missions recalled such a loss with deep emotion when we presented JamboMama!

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