SAHFA’s first GA: small but fruitful

We held our first general assembly at SAHFA headquarters on December 10th 2017. It was a small gathering with only the boldest, living nearby, able to brave the icy cold and slippery roads and we thank them for that. Even Skype participation proved difficult because of stormy weather all over the planet. It was therefore small but pleasant and fruitful meeting. The next GA will take place on May 27th 2018.

GA decisions:

• It was proposed and accepted that we seek female membership in Tanzania and other potential beneficiary countries.

• We also agreed we must get more active members to help us grow into a strong movement; that English would become the main language of internal communication.

• Membership fees will be 25 Euros per person per year in 2018.

• To allow better attendance, the next General Assembly has been planned for the last week of May, when the weather is mild and the WHO holds its general assembly, the World Health Assembly, an extra pull for global health advocates to travel to Geneva. Through the SAHFA president’s affiliation with Mothers Legacy Project, we can obtain two badges for attendance of WHA of SAHFA members who would like this. If you’re interested, please let us know asap via as the registration procedure takes some time.

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