Meet our intern: Coline Garcia

We are happy to introduce our intern, Coline Garcia, who will be joining SAHFA president Laetitia van Haren and vice-president Jiddo van Drunen on their upcoming trip to Tanzania.

In her own words: ‘The JamboMama! project caught my attention for multiple reasons. New technologies and how they are being used, facilitated by the abundance of smartphones, will allow (and have already allowed) the introduction of numerous development projects. But although I appreciate its modern and technical approach, I chose to invest my time in JamboMama! because it tackles the problem of equal access to development, an issue close to my heart, as a student of development economics and especially as a young woman. The June mission promises to be very enriching. I look forward to meeting young Tanzanian women and local health care professionals and to be able to exchange thoughts on how the JamboMama! app can be integrated in their lives.’

Thank you for joining our team Coline, we look forward to working with you!

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