7000 Euros raised for JamboMama!

Our 2018’s crowdfunding campaign has ended. From a total of 48 donors, we have received the amount of close to 7000 Euros. That is a beautiful amount to bring together for this number of donors. Thank you, all of you! We wish to thank all those who generously contributed to our crowdfunding this year.

This is still far from what we really need to help Bunda set up a JamboMama! system, but we can start. We reached out to some 1000 people: I trust some of you who read this will still chime in. Our website, Facebook page and our permanent funding form on the HelloAsso platform remain open for outstanding pledges and gifts throughout the year. A miracle donation for Christmas or New Year or Epiphany is still possible and will cause great happiness!

We hope that many of you could not join in this year’s crowdfunding campaign will think of SAHFA’s Safe Motherhood for Bunda Women at a moment when it suits them better. We heard that making a donation was so puzzling that many people gave up. We deeply regret that inconvenience to our welf-intentioned donors, and promise we’ll find a smoother process.

Our JamboMama! project is pertinent, potential users understand this immediately. Demand comes from many different places, but the women of Bunda come first. As we won’t need the full amount of the budget at once, members paying their annual membership contribution and gifts throughout the year can help us respect our commitment.

For all your financial, moral and practical support with translation and communication, we thank you. We also thank those who pray for the success of our project. In the name of the project implementing partner and the women of Bunda, we thank you wholeheartedly.

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