Fantastic work on JamboMama! in Tanzania

Fantastic work has been done in Tanzania, where our team is now finalising a third version of the JamboMama! app on a broad programmatic base, allowing content management without interference in the programming. It replaces the app used in the pilot project in Bunda in 2019.

The lessons learnt from that experience have served to remake the app entirely on African soil by a Tanzanian team. This is the most sustainable solution, guaranteeing true ownership. The new platform can handle all the challenges of interactivity and can be adjusted to a large number of languages and user groups without needing reprogramming. Now we must select and train a smart web- and app administrator for content management.

We have now reached a point that a mostly pro-bono national SAHFA consulting team may lead pilots and help the district medical authorities or private facilities who chose to integrate JamboMama! into their maternal care system. SAHFA-International helps them to become self-supporting with some start-up support. This is in view of the longer term sustainability.

Competence development in the rural areas is vital for SAHFA’s mission and vision. That is why SAHFA gave a scholarship to a young assistant nurse who showed great dedication and understanding of the JamboMama! app during the pilot in Bunda. As his father had passed away, he had no financial means to continue his training until the diploma. He will graduate next year.

In the first week of September our midwife Mrs Elizabeth Kisamba will train the staff of a project that seeks to empower rural women socio-economically in the Biharamulo area. She will train Ms Lucie Shigumha and her team in the ins and outs of reproductive, maternal and newborn health and the use of the app, so that they can empower the women they coach on what hugely impacts their lives: reproductive health, especially as regards conception, pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.

Many rural health facilities need some targeted support to allow them to offer maternal and newborn care that meets quality standards. Staffing, equipment or accessibility must ensure the JamboMama! app keeps its promise of connecting mothers to qualified and caring healthcare providers. For such upgrading efforts, 1000 Euro goes a long way per health facility. We very much appreciate your support for such upgrading needs.

Want to help upgrade rural clinics? Use the form on HelloAsso. Or make a direct transfer using the account information below this post. Please mention: Upgrade rural clinics in Tanzania for pregnancy, delivery and postpartum care.

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