‘A maternity waiting home on a mobile phone’

The members of the hospital team that will be testing the application, the Biharamulo District Hospital in Tanzania, have sent us an e-mail telling us, in their own words, what JamboMama! means to them and why they need it:

1. The distance between hospital/health facility and pregnant mothers is long, this makes pregnant mothers delay regular attendances to antenatal clinics. We believe the JamboMama! app will solve this: it will help the mother relax and reach all important services. JamboMama! is a maternity waiting home on a mobile phone, wonderful!
2. Most of pregnant mothers are poor so it becomes difficult for them to incur basic costs for antenatal and postnatal expenses, especially some equipment that is provided freely by the government but often still not available to many hospitals for various reasons. We believe the JamboMama! project can grow big to support these women.
3. Many pregnant women lack health knowledge and guidance on antenatal and postnatal periods, which leads them to many complications in their pregnancy. We believe the project will educate them and guide them in every antenatal and postnatal challenge they face during pregnancy.
4. The project will set better and friendly environments for pregnant women including a timely and easy way to communicate between women and health workers, medical supplies, emergency support in case women need a pickup to hospital.

Please help us to give them what they need and build the JamboMama! app as we are entering the last week of our crowdfunding campaign.

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