Successful crowdfunding campaign for JamboMama!


Dear friends,

In the name of the SAHFA steering committee and the JamboMama! project team, but even more so in the name of women surviving their pregnancies and children keeping their mothers, I wish to thank you wholeheartedly for your generous support to help us start our pilot project in Tanzania.

We collected 11.204 euros in total. We would never have reached that amount without your generosity. Just as much as the financial support, we thrive on the moral support your gift also offers.

How can you keep supporting JamboMama!?
Keep following us and join the SAHFA community to make JamboMama! the best tool for pregnancy surveillance and pregnant women’s empowerment ever conceived: you will receive our newsletters automatically, but you can also follow our website and Facebook page, and write to us if you have ideas, suggestions, links, or just good news to share.

We also need volunteers to help us with their administrative, financial, relational, technical, fundraising and other skills. Write to if you want to become an active member of the SAHFA community to implement our JamboMama! project.

You can still choose to continue to contribute regularly to JamboMama!‘s financing via HelloAsso.

We want JamboMama! to strengthen all efforts to reduce maternal (and infant) mortality and injury and to make pregnancy a safer, happier experience with a healthy outcome for all.

With kind regards,

Laetitia van Haren
President-founder of SAHFA

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