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We encourage those who seek volunteering work to become an active member of SAHFA. This is necessary to make SAHFA strong and so enable us to also accept other demands for JamboMama! elsewhere, and to allow us to propose follow-up apps for baby and child care and education (including vaccination schemes, risk detection, imporved safety in and around the home ), as well as demands for apps on other health issues and chronic conditions to make them beter understood and managable for target groups living far away from affordable, quality healthcare.

Midwives, obstetricians, gynaecologists, public health specialists or associations of the healthcare professions, people with experience in public health care: wherever you are, your material and immaterial contributions can help us, make us stronger to fulfill our mission.

Young (and not so young) people who are smartphone savvy with or without formal training in mobile applications and smartphone use, those who have specialised in Internet communication technology: apply for a post as a JamboMama! volunteer! We need to compose couples of which one has a training, or is doing a training in public health education, obstetrics and gynaecology, midwifery or a related field, by preference focused on the tropics, while the other has ICT flair and is by preference also theoretically trained in digital technology.

This can be a romantically engaged couple but individuals can also apply and we compose a volunteers’ duo with the persons selected. Such a duo would then go and live for six months at or near the grounds of the hospitals which have joined the JamboMama! project assist the introduction and appropriation process, so that the users – the medics and the women – take full ownership of the app, make it their favourite coordination, education and communication tool for anything relating to pregnancy and childbirth monitoring and care.

In short, we need more expertise and active input, (wo)manpower to manage existing working relations and explore new ones, to discovernew places and communities where the app might be useful to reduce maternal mortality.

And who wants come forward to help develop income generating activities for the women with which they can pay for their airbundles, save money for emergency transport when delivery is near, to save also for the birthing kit and baby clothes they need to bring to the maternity when they come for delivery?

To enter deeper into these questions and to register as a member or a candidate-volunteer, write to contact@sahfa.org.

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