JamboMama! – technical developments

The first version of the JamboMama! app, which is strictly speaking a platform with two interactive apps, is now ready to be tried out and adapted to end-user communities’ experience.

We are very grateful to our technical developer Moventes to have carried us to this point. It was a huge challenge! Thank you Pierre-Emmanuel, Simon, Lauren, Tiphaine and all. We will still work together on specific technical aspects of the app, but not on its dissemination.

To secure the required dissemination capacity, SAHFA is developing a partnership with a Geneva-based IT company. This company has already launched apps to monitor long-term health conditions such as tuberculosis.

We will join hands in trying to reach out to the most neglected and left behind in the rural areas, starting with the pregnant women for whom JamboMama! has been built.

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