Tanzania mission December 2022: Milk bar in Dodoma

We then launched on the long drive to Dodoma, to visit a young lady whom we had given a grant to expand and modernise her dairy business with a milk bar where you can drink coffee and tea with or without milk, you can have yoghurt and smoothies but also order milk for delivery at home or fetch it from there and have a drink at the fancy milk bar.

The idea is that she will also promote the JamboMama! app and create a customer WhatsApp group or Facebook page with advice on healthy nutrition and life style, with also publicity for JamboMama! and particular attention to pregnant women’s health needs. We shall coach her for this part of her contribution to SAHFA’s programme in exchange for the support she received to set up her business. 

The milk bar looked very nice. Her brother had made it for her from wood. I donated the beautiful paintings I had received from our representative on our meeting in Mwanza, to put on the back wall of her stall and they looked great there.

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